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Jim Perkins – Business Development Manager, Panasonic

Cybercrime, once an annoyance, is now an ever present threat which exploits business weaknesses around storing data in multiple locations as more and more devices become connected to the internet. The ever increasing publicity surrounding breaches involving large corporations has catapulted cybercrime to the top of the agenda, with many IT security specialists taking active action to educate themselves, in order to remain one step ahead.


Panasonic have recognised that as a CCTV manufacturer, it is also their responsibility to proactively take action towards cyber threats avoiding the inclination to blame vulnerabilities on the network infrastructure. Panasonic have expanded their range of security solutions to protect against the exposures and risks of CCTV cyber security, allowing for the secure protection of data.


End users are often not aware of all the security risks unsecured security systems potentially pose; anonymous snooping via the Internet; evidence tampering of recordings; even malicious disabling of the system before a real-world crime takes place, all are very real threats facilitated by weaknesses in security systems. This is where the importance of making the end user both aware and active becomes vital to ensuring not only the security of IP systems, but in protecting from these potentially dangerous consequences.


As a responsible security manufacturer, Panasonic are working with a leading threat provider to provide a series of secure platforms for its video surveillance solutions, to help distributors and integrators protect end users. This will, ultimately, maximise the value that an effective and resilient security system brings. Just one example of the focus Panasonic have devoted to user security is that once Panasonic’s cameras are set up, the customer is prompted to change the default manufacturer password and is unable to move forward until this mandatory stage is complete.


Organisations are rightly focusing on their existing controls around storing and accessing data ahead of changes to the EU’s General Data Protection legislation (GDPR), which promises an increased level of strictness in terms of fines for non-compliance. From May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) together with the Data Protection Directive (DPD) will update and replace the current DPA, together with the issuance of a new CCTV Code of Practice at that time. Part of the GDPR will, for the first time place obligations directly on the Data Processor.


Panasonic Security Solutions offer a variety of products which comply with this new form of data protection. To address the growing issue of cyber-attacks, Panasonic have developed Secure Communications, a platform and package to protect against video tampering, altering, spoofing and snooping. Panasonic will combine Symantec’s highly reliable certificates and technology for detecting and analysing cyber-attacks with its own in-house embedded cryptography technology, to provide a highly secure and robust protection layer for its embedded surveillance products.


Jim Perkins will speak at the Cyber Security Summit and Expo on the 16th November at 12:40pm, in Seminar Theatre 2: “Cyber Security Against a Backdrop of an Increased Threat of Hacking“.

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