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Guy Golan – CEO – Performanta

To potential customers, the ever-expanding mass of cyber security providers may seem like an unnavigable jungle at times. Set amongst this overcrowded scene there is perhaps one provider that stands out, if not for their services then at least for their uniquely branded look. The Purple Tribe, as Performanta have come to be recognised as for their purple uniforms and logos, stand out not only for their eye-catching attire but for their unique approaches to cyber security solutions, from the Performanta kill chain model through to their equally novel approach to consulting.


Cyber Insider sat down with Guy Golan, CEO and co-founder of Performanta and speaker at the Cyber Security Summit, shortly after his talk to discuss the products and services Performanta offers and the difference between themselves and the rest of this densely crowded industry.


So what exactly is it that separates Performanta from the multitude of other options out there? Guy explained that the industry at the moment is a minefield, one which has left the customer confused and at times apprehensive, with more vendors than ever before, all offering a venerable cure-for-all-ills in security. But, Guy cautioned, these vendors do not walk the journey with the customer. Encapsulating the famous expression not to judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes, Performanta join their customers on their security journey, building a story together to tailor their solutions to that customer’s specific needs. This is the concept behind the slogan, “Securing your world together”. Performanta in Guy’s words, “walk the journey from secure to safe with the customer”.


In order for Performanta’s services to remain effective, significant work must also go into research, and remaining ahead of the curve in terms of threat awareness. Guy proudly recalled that Wannacry, recently attributed to North Korea by the NCSC had already been linked to the despotic state thanks to Performanta’s analysts. This advantage is achieved, according to Guy through three analytical methods. Firstly, the internal aspects of a business, secondly the external environment and contextual world and thirdly the wider context within which your business exists – what is happening to the likes of your business so we can predict what might happen to you next. These three aspects, as well as programmes such as “Think Like a Hacker” and “Lab Research” are tied together by Performanta’s data science team to provide meaningful and personalised insights into a customer’s environment.


With over 80% of their consulting customers returning to Performanta for future work, showing that clearly something is working well, and Guy was keen to explore this area. Without stepping on any toes he said, he explained that the Performanta difference in this field is once again, an extra close alignment with the customer themselves. The majority of consulting on Cyber Security, Guy explained, is focused on best practice models whereas Performanta focus on addressing the specific issues their client faces. He attributed their major success to a derivative of two elements. Firstly, Performanta’s consultants are comprised of former CIO’s and CISO’s who’ve walked the journey before, and cross the line to the customer in order to gain the knowledge that they need, and secondly, Performanta’s pursuit of continuous improvement.


As well as looking at what Performanta do themselves, Guy looked outwardly towards cyber security as an industry and gave us some of his thoughts on the issues faced by cyber security in this wider sense. Emphasising that Performanta have been carrying the flag promoting the importance of cyber security for two years now, Guy referred to the role of CISO’s in reporting cyber security issues and warned that in his experience “The CISO is reporting to the wrong people, and this needs to change”. The Performanta message is simple – business security is where the value lies, not security for security’s sake, and it is here where the culture around cyber security is important. Guy suggested there is a problem in the market here, and the culture may need to change to ensure that security professionals are as passionate and creative as those on the other side of the trenches – the hackers. “Bad guys are creative, so good guys have to be as creative and driven. There is a big difference between business and passion”. Suggesting how to impact change on the industry, Guy offered two elements. “Customers need to be less forgiving, hold providers to a higher standard and then these providers will take passion more seriously and the focus has to shift to the customer’s story”. It is here where Performanta’s Purple Tribe really stands out from the crowd – as their slogan suggests, securing your world, together.

You can see Guy‘s profile here, or read about Guy’s talk at our event here.

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