Barry Coatesworth

Independent Cyber Security Advisor

Barry is a cyber security advisor and CISO , having spent the last 25 years in information security. His leading-edge work across the globe makes him a regular keynote speaker, researcher, consultant and mentor. Barry has advised numerous companies and organizations and sits on several advisory boards. He was an industry adviser on the Cyber Essentials scheme, a business stakeholder for the Information Assurance Advisory Council (IAAC), and advised the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) on big data ethics and privacy.  He has devised his own form of Bayesian analysis for incident and crisis management, created “poison apple” defensive cyber security payloads, and generally tries to make the impossible possible. Articles and publications include ‘Social engineering via social media”, ‘”The loss of privacy” and “The Internet of Things’. When trying not to make peoples’ heads explode, he is currently writing and researching two forthcoming books on Martini cocktails and on cyber security. The first book seems a lot more fun….