Neil Walsh

Chief of the Global Programme on Cybercrime
UN Office on Drugs and Crime

Neil Walsh joined the United Nations in January 2016 and is the Chief of the Global Programme on Cybercrime. With staff in four continents, Neil leads the UN Office on Drugs and Crime strategic response to cybercrime by delivering technical assistance and capacity building in 70+ countries and aiding Member States with counter-cybercrime diplomacy. Prior to joining UNDOC, Neil served for over 15 years within the UK National Crime Agency countering international serious organised crime and terrorism including long-term postings to The Hague and Malta. Neil’s broad work experience includes senior-level policy-making and extensive law enforcement operations with partners around the world countering cybercrime, online child sexual exploitation, drug trafficking, human trafficking, weapons proliferation and terrorism. Neil, who comes from Belfast, Northern Ireland, holds B.Sc. (Hons) Psychology & Criminology and M.Sc. Criminal Investigation.