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19th November 2020

9:10 am
Chair's Opening Remarks
Dr Alastair MacWillson
Dr Alastair MacWillson
Chartered Institute of Information Security (confirmed)
Julian David
Julian David
Chief Executive Officer
TechUK (confirmed)
9:20 am
Enabling a Safer Digital Britain in a post Covid-19 World
  • Analysing the Covid-19 cyber threat landscape and shielding the UK from increased hostile state cyber-attacks  
  • Protecting individuals and organisations from Covid19 related ransomware, social engineering and phishing attacks posed by criminals, and hacktivists  
  • Developing the next phase of the UK’s comprehensive approach to cyber security beyond 2021 
  • Measuring the impact of the National Cyber Security Strategy (2016-2021) and how £1.9billion investment in the cyber sector has driven change across government and society  
  • Positioning the UK as an internationally respected cyber technical authority and understanding how the UK is bolstering its digital strength to meet fast-evolving cyber threats  
  • Developing and sustaining a pipeline of cyber skilled professionals which will meet national security demands  
9:40 am
Questions & Answers
9:45 am
10:05 am
10:25 am
Morning Break, Refreshments & Networking
11:10 am
Leading the War against Cyber-Attacks
  • Protecting the publifrom Covid19 related malicious cyber activity and fusing the best in cutting edge technology, reporting systems, automated tools and services to help organisations and individuals to thwart attacks, act and improve their security 
  • Learning how NCSC’s bold interventionist approach is reducing the impact of advanced persistent threat groups exploiting the Covid-19 pandemic, compromising intellectual property and intelligence 
  • Building strong and effective partnerships within government, between nations and with industry to make the UK the safest place to live and work  
  • Creating the next wave of cyber security solutions:  spurring innovation and competition to boost the UK’s national security capabilities through the NCSC Cyber Accelerator Programme 
  • Overhauling the fragmented accreditation landscape and providing a clear baseline of cyber hygiene 
11:30 am
Questions & Answers
11:35 am
One Trust
11:55 am
Seminar Sessions


12:40 pm
Lunch, Networking & Exhibition
1:30 pm
The Office of the Future: Cuber Implications of Remote Working
  • Understanding and managing the cybersecurity implications of working remotely through a crisis  
  • Eliminating security gaps through advanced endpoint protection and increased access management  
  • Increasing workforce capability and monitoring your cyber posture against data exposure, phishing attacks, third party risks and insider threats through testing  
  • Implementing Zero Trust: Boosting operational agility using behavioural analysis of data to spot anomalous activity  
Erika Lewis
Erika Lewis
Director, Cyber security and Digital Identity
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (confirmed)
1:55 pm
Case Study: Cyber Health Check - Lessons from the NHS

The WannaCry attack in 2017 left the NHS with a £92m bill. Learn how the NHS is aggressively improving health and care security posture, tackling the challenges presented by Covid-19 through:  

  •  Mitigating concerns around privacy and information governance in the roll out of contact tracing apps in the UK 
  • Bolstering cyber security during the outbreak and implementing a system wide monitoring, threat intelligence and incident response strategy   
  • Better support and guidance for local organisations  
  • Better cyber training and greater awareness and engagement among NHS staff and organisations  
2:15 pm
Nurturing the Cyber Stars of Today and Tomorrow

According to new research from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport 50% of UK businesses have a basic cyber skills gap: Hear how the UK plans to sustain a cyber security sector fit for the future by:  

  •  Building a robust cyber security talent pool and attracting a diverse and wide range of talent to the world cyber security  
  • Fostering better retention and recruitment of staff  
  • Raising the standard of cyber security practice to meet the demands of an increasingly digital economy in both the public and private sector  
Senior Representative
Senior Representative
National Cyber Security Centre (confirmed)
2:35 pm
Case Study: Pivoting to the Cloud
  • Examining the security of cloud v’s on-premise software deployment and managing compliance challenges around data 
  • Looking at the current cloud environment: Will Covid-19 increase the appetite for cloud?  
  • Lessons learned from incident response cases in the cloud 
  • Building a strong cloud backbone: understanding what threats are faced on the road to transformation and how these can be tackled proactively without losing momentum  
2:55 pm
Afternoon Break, Networking & Exhibition
3:25 pm
A Perspective from DWP: Building Ransomware Resilience across the Public Sector
  • Analysing DWP’s current cyber strategy to safeguard against sophisticated threats and attacks and process over £6.5 billion into the welfare system  
  • Learning how DWP stood up to the security challenge of Covid-19, in processing increased Universal Credit claims, Jobseekers Allowance and Employment and Support relief payments  
  • Steps that should be taken to prevent and remediate ransomware attacks 
  • Improving performance and anticipating blind spots by building the right mechanisms  
3:45 pm
How will Machine Learning move Forward in the Year of the Pandemic
  • Reviewing the top use cases of AI in the private sector and how it is increasing vigilance and visibility into enterprise wide endpoint activity  
  • Examining why an end-to end deep learning framework is key to network management and threat detection 
  • Ethical and legal considerations around the use of AI  


Buck Rodgers
Buck Rodgers
Chief Information Security Officer
HSBC (confirmed)
4:10 pm
Navigating Data Protection during a Crisis
  • Outlining the ICO’s regulatory approach to the processing of personal data during the coronavirus pandemic and insight into specific health related exemptions  
  • Evaluating the threats posed by evolving contact tracing and location data in the context of Covid-19 and working with government, privacy professionals and key stakeholders to ensure that the principles of data protection is embedded from the start 
  • Placing the UK at the forefront of global data protection  
4:30 pm
End of Conference