2018 Expo Agenda

Data Protection Summit
Cyber Security Summit
Theatre 1 Breach
Theatre 2 Recovery
Theatre 3 Prevention
Data Protection Summit
Cyber Security Summit
Theatre 1 Breach
Theatre 2 Recovery
Theatre 3 Prevention

A look at the first 6 months of GDPR: Implementation insights

Protecting your data from third party risk

”How to DPO like a boss” – Integrating the role of the DPO into your business

Understanding what a good data compliance culture looks like

Establishing a framework for accountability

ePrivacy regulation current status

How DPAs conduct technical investigations: A practical example from the Bavarian DPA

Using ISO 27001 to achieve GDPR compliance

Cyber security – Responding to the threat to the UK health service

Analysing the latest trends in cyber attacks: A look at the risk landscape for 2019

Utilising AI effectively to stay ahead of cyber security threats

Security regulation – An outcome-focused approach to cyber risk exposure

A look at the importance of content protection and content security from the perspective of the film and TV industries

The role of international global standards in cyber security in an uncertain world

What are the risks of IoT to your organisation?

A look at the UN’s role in cyberspace

Outlining the latest trends in cyber crime and cutting edge development in its detection and disablement

Cyber security – A back to basics approach

How AI powered cyber attacks will make fighting hackers even harder!

Cyber security and BYODs: Combating the internal threat

Managing cyber security risks in major hazard industries and complying with legal regulations

Planning security under uncertainty

Understanding why AI and machine learning are crucial to your 2019 IT strategy

Analysing the implications for cyber security post Brexit

The cloud challenge: The changing role of corporate IT security teams

General cyber resilience: No absolutes and no certainties

Identifying potential weaknesses in your organisation network before the hacktivists can!

Smart cities security: How policy smart are you?

Using machine learning and graph analytics to detect fraud in high volume consumer facing websites

Planning and preparing for a DDoS attack

Cyber security and the relationship with records management

Analysing the best solutions to the ever evolving cyber threat

Building a human firewall: A look at how the first line of defence is always your employees!

Phishing and users: Improving on imperfection

Improving managements view and understanding of information security as a strategic priority

Zero Trust: The future of cyber security?

Management view from the board: Leading the way on data and information

A breakdown of what businesses and the public can do to protect themselves from a cyber attack

Implementing an effective ‘fool proof’ cyber security programme

Addressing the cyber security talent shortage through effective training