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Dr Louise Bennett

Director, Digital Policy Alliance - Co-Chair of the Privacy and Consumer Advisory Group

Dr Louise Bennett has worked with computers for fifty years. The first half of her career was as a scientist in overseas aid and defence and the second half as an IT and R&D Director in science-based companies (Thorn EMI, Logica, AEA Technology, Vivas, DPA).   She currently does a portfolio of jobs including major project reviews, government advisory work and as a charity trustee. She is a Director of the Digital Policy Alliance, CoChair of the Privacy and Consumer Advisory Group to the Cabinet Office and DCMS, a member of the Management Board of IAAC (Information Assurance Advisory Council). She also chaired the BCS Security Community and Identity Assurance Working Group for 14 years until 2018. Her work focuses on: Identity and Privacy online, Internet safety, education and trust; strategic and corporate governance; the exploitation of new technology and risk management.  Her latest work includes: identity assurance and payments on the internet, trust in online identities, sponsorship for PAS 1296 on Age verification (now being upgraded to an ISO standard sponsored by DCMS), developing resilient organisations, from environmental, security and privacy perspectives.