Iain Harrison

Information Governance and Risk Manager
Leicester City Council

Iain Harrison would never claim to be an “expert” but would admit (if pushed) to being a specialist on data protection, environmental information, freedom of information and open data, information security and surveillance law.   Iain brings 16 years of experience in delivering consultancy, advice and guidance in information law-related topics to a variety of public, private and voluntary organisations.  Iain currently manages an Information Governance & Risk Team and is responsible, along with the above, for preparation and implementation of the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 within a large unitary local authority and giving support to its partner organisations and processors.   In addition to his day-job, Iain continues to deliver training and consultancy on information law issues to a variety of public-sector, third sector and private clients. GDPR implementation is his main current focus, and he has recently worked with voluntary organisations, schools and the health sector to deliver training, consultancy and an occasional lifeline!