Peter Loomes


IASME Consortium

Peter has worked in the IT field for 30 years. Being a trained nurse, his first responsibility for information governance was in one of the largest hospitals in the UK. Whilst that was a baptism of fire fortunately at that time the internet was not widely used and the biggest threat he faced
was losing paper case notes but these usually turned up in the boot of a consultant’s car or a Junior Doctor’s locker! This threat was closely followed by a single PC with floppy drive in the library with connection to the Joint Academic Network (JANet).

On leaving the NHS Peter worked for a number of large integration companies providing complex solutions across Healthcare, Defence and latterly National Security. Currently Peter’s work includes acting as a consultant on Information Governance matters (which we seem to call cyber security now days). Part of this work includes working with IASME, initially to assist in getting them and their assessment tool ready for GDPR, now he runs their special projects.

In addition to assisting IASME win the bid to become the NCSC sole Cyber Essentials Partner from 1 April 2020, Peter is also proud to have been one of the team that introduced Cyber Essentials in 2014.