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UK gets serious about Cyber Crime.

Cyber crime is not restricted by borders. Collaboration between countries, industries and sectors is vital towards ensuring that cyber threats are prevented. With £1.9bn of cyber security spending over the next 4 years and 1,900 jobs set to be created – we need to work with the experts and apply higher standards across the public and private sector. At Cyber Security 2016, learn to break down the boundaries for better cyber resilience: communicate, co-operate and collaborate.

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''An informative and fast-paced conference with well-chosen key speakers who are experts in their field. They gave interesting presentations with valuable updates and suggestions on improving system and user security and I came away with my mind buzzing and reams of useful notes''.

ICT Coordinator and Exec PA

Havens Christian Hospice

''This conference had a very large attendance, it was well run, the agenda was cleverly constructed, the facilities were superb and the vendor/practitioner mix was balanced just right. Highly recommended''.

Information Security & Data Protection Manager

Historic England

''Excellent, short, sharp, snappy presentations which informed the delegates and got the message across that cyber security is really really important at this time''.

Def Comrcl Pol-2-TL

Ministry of Defence

''This was a full day with really relevant inputs from a range of cyber leads. The support from sponsors was excellent demonstrating just how much is going on in the private sector to be part of the UK response. Attendance at this conference is a must for organisational leads both in protecting their organisation and those entrusted to lead in protecting the public through the PREVENT, PROTECT, PREPARE, PURSUE strands of our law enforcement strategies''.

DCI, Crime Commander

North Yorkshire Police


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